7212/12V and 7222

3/4” Offset Intermediate Pivot

Installation Instructions

Improper pivot set installation can lead to personal injury or property damage. Follow
all instructions carefully. For questions contact Technical Support at 1-888-371-7331.


1. Prepare and mortise hinge stile of door and hinge side jamb to receive pivot set. Determine
pivot location using dimensions on reverse side. The pivots are handed and must match hand
of door. To determine hand of door and proper pivot position, see diagrams above. Install top
and bottom pivot sets before installing intermediate pivot.
2. Locate, drill, and tap 1/4-20 mounting holes for metal door. Locate and drill pilot holes for
#14 wood screws for wood door. Then hang door.
3. Open door about 90°. Install pivot leafs with 1/4-20 x 3/4” FHMS or #14 FHWS screws provided.
4. The door weight should be balanced between bottom and intermediate pivots. To adjust
intermediate pivot (refer to diagram above):
A. Loosen set screw in jamb leaf with 3/32” Allen wrench.
B. Insert 5/32” Allen wrench through jamb leaf pivot and into underside of bearing spindle.
C. Turn clockwise until door weight is balanced evenly with bottom pivot.
D. Tighten 3/32” set screw securely.
Left hand
Right hand
Right hand
installation shown;
left hand opposite
5/32” Allen
3/32” Allen
3/32” set screw
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