7212, 7215/15F, 7222, 7226/26F, and 7227/27F

3/4” Offset Top Pivot

Improper pivot set installation can lead to personal injury or property damage. Follow
all instructions carefully. For questions contact Technical Support at 1-888-371-7331.


1. Prepare and mortise top of door and head jamb to receive pivot set. Determine pivot location
using dimensions on reverse side. The pivots are non-handed. To determine hand of door
and proper pivot position, see diagrams above.
2. Locate, drill, and tap 1/4-20 mounting holes for metal door or metal frame. Locate and drill
pilot holes for #14 wood screws for wood door or wood frame. Install pivot leafs with 1/4-20 x 3/4”
FHMS or #14 FHWS screws provided.
3. Loosen set screw in pin leaf with 3/32” Allen wrench provided and remove pivot pin.
4. Use 5/32” Allen wrench to remove pivot cap from door leaf, allowing for pivot pin re-insertion.
5. With door in open position (about 90° to jamb), carefully fit door onto bottom pivot at a slight
angle. Tip door into vertical position, aligning top pivot leafs in door and jamb. With pivot
leafs aligned, insert pivot pin into pivot set. Vertically align groove in pivot pin with set
screw in pivot leaf. Tighten set screw securely with 3/32” Allen wrench. Re-install pivot cap.
6. To remove door from jamb: Remove pivot cap. Thread a 1/4-20 machine screw into end of
pivot pin. Pull pivot pin out of pivots. Door can now be removed from opening.
Right hand
Left hand
Pin leaf
pin Pivot cap
5/32” Allen wrench
Bearing leaf
Set screw
3/32” Allen wrench
Pin leaf
1/4-20 tapped hole for
pin removal (both ends)

Installation Instructions

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