7253, 7255/55J, and 7256

Top Center Pivot

Improper pivot set installation can lead to personal injury or property damage. Follow
all instructions carefully. For questions contact Technical Support at 1-888-371-7331.


1. Prepare and mortise top of door and head jamb to receive pivot set. Determine pivot location
using dimensions on reverse side. Most center pivots have the pivot point located 1-3/4”
from side jamb. The pivot point of top pivot set must be plumb with bottom pivot point.
The finish plate should be removed from frame leaf prior to installation.
2. Locate, drill, and tap 1/4-20 mounting holes for metal door or metal frame. Locate and drill
pilot holes for #14 wood screws for wood door or wood frame. Install pivot leafs with 1/4-20 x 3/4”
FHMS or #14 FHWS screws provided. Attach finish plate to frame leaf.
3. Install bottom pivot set. Once bottom pivot set is installed and secured, hang the door.
4. With door in open position (about 90° to jamb), carefully fit door onto bottom pivot at a slight
angle. Tip door into vertical position, aligning top pivot leafs in door and jamb. With pivot
leafs aligned, insert a screwdriver into access hole in top pivot leaf. Use screwdriver to push
up lever arm, which will retract pivot pin (Figure 1). When pivot pin is retracted, position door
so pivot pin will set down into bearing in door leaf, then remove screwdriver. The door
should now swing freely. If it does not, double check templating dimensions.
5. To remove door from jamb: Open door to about 90° position. Insert a screwdriver into access
hole in frame leaf. Use screwdriver to push up lever arm, which will retract pivot pin (Figure 1).
Door can now be removed from opening.
Frame leaf
Access hole
Finish plate
Door leaf
Pivot pin
To retract
pivot pin
Figure 1

Installation Instructions

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