If “AUTO CLOCK” is set to “ON” on the Clock Set screen on page 11, the clock will be adjusted automatically by the host
channel every hour (except 11:00 PM, midnight, 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM) using the incoming PBS channel clock setting data.
(This automatic clock adjustment can only be performed when the VCR is turned off. The clock will be adjusted just on these
hours — on the time displayed on the front panel display, not on the actual real time.)
The default setting of “AUTO CLOCK” is “ON”.
If the memory backup fails, because a power outage occurs or because the AC power cord is unplugged, Plug & Play will be
performed when power is restored to the VCR.
Poor antenna or cable signal may prevent the VCR from receiving the Auto clock setting data from the PBS channel. If this
function is taking a considerable amount of time, it may be necessary to perform the Semiauto or Manual Clock Set procedure.
What to do if Plug & Play setting failed
If an incorrect time is displayed on the front display panel, you may be receiving the clock setting data of a PBS channel from
an adjacent time zone, or an incorrect PBS channel from a cable TV system. In this case, perform the Semiauto ( pg. 11) or
Manual Clock Set ( pg. 12) procedure.
If “- -:- -” appears on the front display panel, your antenna cable may not be connected to the VCR or there may not be a Host
PBS signal available in your area. Ensure that the antenna cable is connected correctly. Then turn on and off the VCR; the Plug
& Play setting will be automatically reactivated.
If Plug & Play setting is not performed though the antenna cable is connected correctly, perform Manual Clock Set ( pg. 12)
and Auto Channel Set or Manual Channel Set ( pg. 13 or 14).
Plug & Play
This VCR sets the clock and tuner channels
automatically when AC power cord is first connected to
an AC outlet. The antenna cable must be connected for
the Plug & Play setting.
The time and date can be set automatically by the clock
setting data transmitted from one of the regular TV
broadcast channels. We call this TV channel the “host
channel” and it is a PBS channel in your area.
1Perform Plug & Play setup
Connect the antenna cable to the VCR ( pg.
6). Then connect the AC power cord to an AC
outlet. Do not turn on the VCR.
The clock and tuner channels will be set
Auto Clock Set is performed first.
“Auto” blinks on the front display panel during Auto
Clock Set.
Auto Channel Set is performed next. Auto Channel
Set scans all the channels that are receivable by your
VCR. During Auto Channel Set, the channel numbers
are displayed as they are scanned and set.
When Plug & Play setting has been complete
successfully, the correct clock time is displayed. If you
perform Plug & Play setting successfully, there is no
need to perform the clock (
pg. 10) and tuner (
13) settings. If, however, you want to add or delete
channels, refer to Manual Channel Set on page 14.
If you use a cable box, Plug & Play will not function; set
the clock and tuner channels separately. ( pg.10 – 14)
It takes several minutes for the VCR to complete the Plug
& Play setting.
Do not press any buttons on the front panel or on the
Remote while Plug & Play is in progress.
Auto Clock Set/Auto Tuner Set
During Initial Auto Clock Set
“Auto” blinks.
During Auto Channel Set
The channel numbers are displayed
as they are scanned and set.
* If an incorrect clock time or “– –:– –” appears on the display panel, see “What to do if Plug & Play setting failed”
Plug & Play Completed
The current time (including
AM/PM) is displayed.