Kenwood FP120 Series manual to use your food processor, using the attachments, knife blade, whisk

Models: FP120 Series

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to use your food processor

to use your food processor

1Fit the bowl onto the processor base - handle towards the back - lower and turn clockwise until it locks firmly into place ￿.

2Add an attachment over the food processor drive.

Always fit the bowl and attachment onto the processor before adding ingredients.

3Fit the lid onto the bowl - feed tube towards the back of the appliance ￿. Turn clockwise until the arrow on the lid aligns with the line on the power unit ￿.

4Plug in and switch on.

The processor won’t work if the bowl and lid are fitted incorrectly.

Use the pulse (P) for short bursts. The pulse will operate for as long as the control is held in position.

5Reverse the above procedure to remove the lid, attachments and bowl.

Always switch off and unplug before removing the lid. important

Your processor is not suitable for crushing or grinding coffee beans, or converting granulated sugar to caster sugar.

When adding almond essence or flavouring to mixtures avoid contact with the plastic as this may result in permanent marking.

maximum capacities

egg whites


chopping meat




shortcrust pastry flour weight




yeast dough flour weight




one stage sponge cake total weight

800g/1lb 12oz



soup with canopy




using the attachments

knife blade

This blade is the most versatile of all the attachments. The texture you get is determined by the length of processing time. For coarser textures use the ‘pulse’ feature checking the consistency regularly.

what the knife blade can do.

Raw meat

Make ‘mince’ by trimming raw meat of any excess fat and cutting into 2cm/34in cubes, place into the bowl and operate for approximately 10 seconds or until the desired texture is achieved. The longer you run the machine the smoother the texture will be.

Cooked meat

Follow the method for raw meat but process for a shorter time.


Cut the vegetables into pieces approximately 2.5cm/1in in size. Process foods having a similar texture together eg harder vegetables like carrots and potatoes or softer ones like mushrooms, tomatoes or cooked vegetables.

Biscuit and breadcrumbs

Drop pieces down the feed tube whilst the machine is operating.

Shortcrust pastry and scones

Put the flour into the bowl. Use fat straight from the refrigerator and cut into 2cm/34in cubes. Process until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs but take care not to overprocess. Leave the machine running and add the liquid down the feed tube. Process until one or two balls of pastry are formed. Chill before use.


Purée soups either before or after cooking. Drain the ingredients and place into the bowl with a small quantity of liquid from the recipe. Process until the desired consistency has been reached, then add to the remainder of the liquid.


Chop nuts for cakes and biscuits by placing into the bowl and processing until the desired consistency is obtained.

Cake making

Sponge type cakes are best made by the ‘all in one method’ . All the ingredients are placed into the bowl and processed until smooth - approximately 10 seconds. A ‘soft tub’ margarine used straight from the refrigerator and cut into 2cm/34in cubes should always be used.

Savoury dips/spreads

Place the solid ingredients into the bowl in 2.5cm/1in cubes. Process until finely chopped. Add the cream etc., and continue to process until the ingredients are well blended.


With the knife blade in position place the dry ingredients, egg and a little liquid in the bowl, process until smooth. Add the remaining liquid down the feed tube whilst the machine is operating.


Place the egg and seasonings into the bowl and mix for a few seconds. With the machine running gradually add the oil down the feed tube in a slow steady stream.

Yeast dough

Place the flour, fat and other dry ingredients into the bowl and process for a few seconds to mix. With the machine running add the liquid mixture down the feed tube and continue processing until the mixture forms a dough and becomes smooth in appearance and elastic to touch - this will take 45-60 seconds. Allow the dough to rise then re-knead for 10 seconds.


Use for egg whites and cream only. The whisk is unsuitable for other recipes. Make sure the bowl and whisk are free from any traces of grease or egg yolk when whisking egg whites.

slicing and shredding plates

what the cutting plates can do.

slicing plate - slices carrots, potato, cabbage, cucumber, courgette, beetroot, onion.

shredding plate - grates cheese, carrot, potato and foods of a similar texture.

to assemble the plate carrier

1Select the desired plate and fit into the carrier with the cutting side uppermost.

Locate one end of the plate under the rim and press the other end into position. It will only fit one way round ￿.


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Kenwood FP120 Series to use your food processor, using the attachments, knife blade, whisk, slicing and shredding plates