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Now start...

Now start...

Remove top grille assembly

. package, literature package II and parts bag taped to the refrigerator door and save.

Product Damage Do Not lower refrigerator against shipping base when removing the shipping base. Lowerlng the refrigerator agalnst the shlpplng base could damage the components on the bottom of the refrigerator.

Floor Damage

Keep cardboard shipping piece or plywood under refrigerator until it is installed in operating position.

Failure to do so may cause damage to floor covering.

Personal Injury Hazard

lBecause of the weight and size of the built-in refrigerator, two or more people are needed to move and safely install it.

lMost of the refrigerator’s weight is at the top. Extra care is needed when moving the refrigerator to prevent tipping.

Failure to do so could result in personal injury.


1 refrigerator to / Place cardboard

or plywood under refrigerator. Remove appliance dolly. Open doors and remove all boxes, parts packages and packing materials from inside refrigerator and freezer comparlments. Set aside until needed during installation.

Do Not remove any protective film until refrigerator is completely installed.

Remove the four brackets Eln (2 on each side) that attach

shipping base

to the bottom of the refrigerator. Discard brackets and shipping . base. Do Not remove tape and door bracing at this time.

Place appliance dolly under

3.1the side of the refrigerator. Wrap strap from truck

loosely around refrigerator. Insert two corner posts around handles to prevent scratching. Insert two corner posts over the cabinet side trim to prevent damage.Tighten strap making sure that handles and cabinet side trim will be protected.



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Numbers correspotid to steps

Page 9

Page 9
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KitchenAid 2000491 installation instructions Now start, Numbers correspotid to steps, Move, 17. l8.v