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Lennox Hearth Products
1110 West Taft Avenue
Orange, CA 92865
Part No. Description
/ Cat. No.
Door & Glass Parts
28M21 Door Assembly, Metallic Black Painted
28M23 Door Assembly, Ebony Black Enamel
28M22 Door Assembly, Hunter Green Enamel
28M24 Door Assembly, Mojave Sand Enamel
86-128 Gasket Kit, 3/4" Door Rope (Includes Adhesive)
27M81 Gasket, Glass Channel (Per Foot)
27M64 Clip Set, Glass
T30-G Glass, Large Arched 17 X 10 1/4" (Glass gasket not included)
37110 Handle Assembly
37038 Torque Plate (Latch)
26M18 Hinge Pin Set, Door
Component Parts
20953006 Trivet, Cast Iron
37124H Shield, Rear Heat
907 Handle, Air Control
26M19 Module, Air Control Draft (burn rate control)
37045 Gasket, Air Control
10068 Collar, Flue Outlet
20751075 Leg Leveler (set of 2). If 4 levelers are needed, order 2 sets (51L75 and 00378H)
Firebox Parts (See Firebrick Diagram, page 21 for brick part numbers)
26M20 Plate Set, Baffle
26M21 Tube, Secondary Air (3 Each) – Tabs included
26021H Paint, 1/2 oz Green (Enamel Touch Up)
26022H Paint, 1/2 oz Black (Enamel Touch Up)
26023H Paint, 1/2 oz Mojave Sand (Enamel Touch Up)
775007M Installation / Operation Manual
Fan System (Optional Kit)
26M22 Power Cord
14440 Dial -A- Temp (Rheostat)