Wearable digital audio (Key Ring)

128MB Digital audio player

Direct USB Plug-in – No software and no cable needed!
No software dr iver s required (except Windows 98)
Direct batter y recharging via USB for up to 6.5 hours of playbac k
No USB cable necessar y. Direct USB connection to PC
Ready to Wear, Ready to Go
Ultra lightweight and durable magnesium body
Stylish, small and compact - Weighing just 35g
External batter y pac k for up to 10 more hours of playbac k
Soft fabric nec k-strap remote control for ultimate flexibility
128MB Internal Flash Memor y
Enjoy up to 2 hours of MP3 or up to 4 hour s of WMA digital music
Store and carr y data files up to 88 floppy disks