Energy saver outdoor lamps

Philips Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Outdoor

and Bug-A-Way Lamps provide energy savings and

reduce operating costs without sacrificing quality of light

compared to incandescent equivalents.

Provides an incandescent-like light
• Outdoortranslucent cover reduces glare and helps
to protect the lamp
• Bug-A-Waydoes not attract insects. Use near patios,
decks and party areas
Long life
• Lasts 7 years*
Energy savings
• Saves up to $49 over the life of the lamp when you replace an
85W PAR38 incandescent lamp with a 23W energy saving
PAR38 outdoor lamp.**
* Based on an average daily usage of 3 hours per day, 7 days per week.
** Energy savings based on wattage saved x replacement lamp rated average life (8000 hours) ÷ 1000 x $0.10 kWh rate.
Compact Fluorescent
Energy Saver Outdoor,
and Bug-A-Way
Ideal for use in weather-
protected outdoor light
fixtures and postlights