Philips Energy Advantage
PL-T Lamps
Lamps featuring ALTO®
Lamp Technology
Ideal for applications
requiring maximum
energy savings

Energy savings made simple.

Philips Energy Advantage PL-T lamps are

a simple way to save energy.

Save energy without changing a ballast
• Two wattages available—27W and 33W
–27W is a direct replacement for a PL-T 32W lamp, saving 5 watts of energy
–33W is a direct replacement for a PL-T 42W lamp, saving 9 watts of energy
• Up to 21% energy savings when replacing the above 32W and 42W lamps*
• No new ballast required
Broad range of color temperatures
Available in 3000K, 3500K and 4100K
High light output in a compact size
• Light output is comparable to the standard PL-T 32W or 42W lamps
• 88% lumen maintenance
Excellent color rendering
• 82 CRI
New design
• New bridged design allows for better efficiency and an even more compact size
* 32 watt-27 watt=5 watt/32 watt=15%
42 watt-33 watt=9 watt/42 watt=21%
† This lamp is better for the environment because of
its reduced mercury content.All Philips ALTO®
lamps give you end-of-life options which can simplify
and reduce your lamp disposal costs depending on
your state and local regulations.
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