Philips Energy Advantage
PL-L 25W Lamps
Ideal for applications
requiring maximum
energy savings

Energy savings, compact size

Philips Energy Advantage PL-L 25W lamps offer significant

energy savings in a small profile.

Save energy without changing a ballast
• 20% energy savings (when compared to a PL-L 40W*)
• Direct replacement for a PL-L 40W. No new ballast required when using
an Instant Start Ballast
• Can only be operated on an Instant Start Ballast
Broad range of color temperatures
Available in 3000K, 3500K and 4100K
High light output in a compact size
• Light output is comparable to a 25W 4' fluorescent
• 95% lumen maintenance
Excellent color rendering
• 82 CRI
* On Instant Start Ballast, a standard PL-L 40W only draws 32 Watts, so the actual savings is 7 Watts (32W - 25W = 7W)