Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Handling Precautions, Installation location, Moving the unit, Condensation

Models: CDJ-1000MK3 compact disc player

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Handling Precautions

Handling Precautions

Handling Precautions

Installation location

Placing and using the player for long periods on heat-generat- ing sources such as amplifiers or near spotlights, etc. will af- fect product performance. Avoid placing the player on heat- generating sources.

Install this player as far as possible away from tuners and TV sets. The player installed in close proximity to such equip- ment may cause noise or degradation of the picture.

Noise may be noticeable when an indoor antenna is used. In such cases, make use of an outdoor antenna or turn off power to the player.

When the unit is used in a loud-sound environment, e.g., near a speaker, sound skip may occur. Install the unit away from the speaker or reduce the listening volume.

Place this unit on a level surface and a stable platform.

Take adequate note of the following precautions when pre- paring a place for installation:

Be sure the player, including its video, audio and power supply cords, does not touch vibrating materials. Any vibration other than that transmitted through the insulators may cause the disc to skip. Take special care when using the player while it is in- stalled in a carrying case.

Do not place on or against vibrating materials!

Leave space to allow for heat dissipation.

Leave space to

Leave space to

allow for heat

allow for heat



Moving the unit

Never move the unit during playback!

During playback, a disc rotates at very high speed; moving the player during playback may result in scratches or other damage to the disc.

When moving the unit is necessary

Before moving the unit, remove any disc and disconnect the power. Malfunctions or damage may result if the unit is moved with a disc loaded.

About the carrying case

The upper surface of the jog dial is equipped with a touch-sensi- tive switch. When placing the player in its carrying case, avoid placing any pressure on the jog dial.


When this unit is brought into a warm room from previously cold surroundings or when the room temperature rises sharply, con- densation may form inside the unit and impair its performance. In such cases, allow the unit to stand for about an hour or raise the room temperature gradually.

Cleaning the player

To clean the player wipe with a polishing or a soft, dry cloth. For stubborn dirt, moisten a soft cloth with a weak solution of neu- tral detergent (diluted in five to six parts water), wring the cloth well, and wipe away the dirt. Use a dry cloth to wipe the surface dry. Do not use volatile liquids such as benzene or thinner which will damage the unit.

About the lens cleaner

The player’s pickup lens should not become dirty in normal use. If for some reason, the lens becomes soiled and malfunctions, contact your nearest PIONEER authorized service center. Lens cleaners for CD players are commercially available, but special care should be exercised in their use as some may cause dam- age to the lens.

Regarding data recorded on memory cards

It is the users responsibility to make regular backups of important memory card data. Pioneer disclaims any responsibility for damage to or loss of memory card data, or other incidental damages arising from incompatibilities of the player and memory card, static electric- ity or other external causes.


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Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Handling Precautions, Installation location, Moving the unit, About the carrying case, Condensation