Russell Hobbs RH1261TW Before Use, First Wash, Additional Functions, Half Load Detection

Models: RH1261TW

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Before Use

Using your machine

Before Use

Plug your machine in.

Turn on the tap connected to yoour machine.

Open the machine door.

Place your laundry in your machine.

Push the door of your machine until hearing the locking sound to close it.

Select the program you require.

Put detergent and softener in the detergent drawer.

First Wash

Before using the machine for laundry, ensure you run the machine on a cycle of 95°C, with detergent and without laundry.

Selecting a Programme

Select the appropriate programme for your laundry from the programme table below.

Additional Functions

Before starting the programme, you can select an additional function if you so wish.

Press on the button of the additional function you wish to select.

If the additional function symbol on the electronic display flashes continuously, the function you have selected will be activated.

If additional function symbol on electronic display blinks, the function you have selected will not be activated.

If an additional function fails to activaite, this is because not all additional functions are available with all programmes.

Half Load Detection

Your machine features a half-load detection system. If you only put laundry into the machine that is approximately half or less than half of the maximum laundry capacity stated for your machine , your machine will run so as to save washing time, water consumption and energy in some programmes (Cotton 95°, Cotton 60°, Cotton 40°). When half-load function is active, the machine can complete the programme you have set in a shorter time.

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Page 15
Image 15
Russell Hobbs RH1261TW Before Use, First Wash, Additional Functions, Half Load Detection, Using your machine