and seal the connection with coax
sealant tape or a weather boot.
4. Mount the antenna on the mast, and
secure it by tightening the hex nuts
evenly onto the U-bolts.


Ground wires for both the mast and
downlead should be copper or aluminum
wire, 8 AWG or larger.
Mount a grounding block (not supplied,
available at RadioShack) as close as
possible to where the downlead enters
the house.
Downlead wire from the antenna to the
grounding block and the mast ground
wire should be secured to the house with
stand-off insulators, spaced 4–6 feet
1. Connect the coax downlead from the
antenna to the ANT jack on the power

If your TV has an F-connector

, connect
the short piece of coax from the power
injector to your TV’s VHF/UHF 75-ohm

If your TV has screw terminals for VHF/

UHF connection

, connect a 75-to-300
ohm transformer (not supplied, available
at RadioShack) between the power
injector and the VHF/UHF terminals.

If your TV has a 75-ohm VHF connection

and a 300-ohm UHF connection

connect a signal splitter (not supplied,
available at RadioShack) between the
power injector and the TV’s VHF/UHF
3. Insert the supplied AC adapter’s small
plug into the power injector’s DC 12V
jack. Plug the adapter into a standard
AC outlet. The power injector’s indicator
lights to indicate that the antenna is
properly connected.
Grounding Rod
Grounding Clamp
Grounding Blocks
Mast Ground
75-Ohm VHF Connection or VHF/
UHF Screw Terminals
Power Injector
300-Ohm UHF
Coax Downlead
Coax Cable
Signal Splitter
75- to 300-Ohm Transformer