Samsung HT-X710 user manual Connecting The Speakers

Models: HT-X710

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Connecting The Speakers

Connecting The Speakers

1.Press down the terminal tab on the back of the speaker.

. Insert the black wire into the black terminal (–) and the red wire into the red (+) terminal, and then release the tab.

. Connect the connecting plugs to the back of the Home Cinema.

~ Make sure the colors of the speaker terminals match the colors of

the connecting plugs.




Front Speaker (R)

Front Speaker (L)



` Do not let children play with or near the speakers. They could get hurt if a speaker falls.

`When connecting the speaker wires to the speakers, make sure that the polarity (+/–) is correct.

`Keep the subwoofer speaker out of reach of children so as to prevent children from inserting their hands or other objects into the duct (hole) of the subwoofer speaker.

`Do not hang the subwoofer on the wall through the duct (hole).

M ` If you place a speaker near your TV set, screen color may be distorted because of the magnetic fi eld generated by the speaker. If this occurs, place the speaker away from your TV set.




Page 17
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Samsung HT-X710 user manual Connecting The Speakers