Samsung HT-X710 Hdmi Function, resolution Selection, Using Anynet+HDMI-CEC, connections

Models: HT-X710

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resolution Selection

This function allows the user to select the screen resolution for HDMI output.

In Stop mode, press and hold the SD/HD (Standard

Defi nition/High Defi nition) button on the remote control for longer than 5 seconds.

~ Resolutions available for the HDMI output are 576p(480p), 720p, 1080i/1080p.

~ SD(Standard Defi nition) resolution is 576p(480p) and HD




Why use HDMI (High Definition


(High Defi nition) resolution is 720p, 1080i/1080p. The default




Multimedia Interface)?


value of HDMI output is 576p(480p).




This device transmits a DVD video







signal digitally without the process




of converting to analog. You will get

M ` If the TV does not support the confi gured resolution, you will


sharper digital pictures when using


not be able to see the picture.


an HDMI connection.

`When an HDMI cable is connected, composite and component video signals are not output.

`See your TV owner's manual for more information on how to select the TV's Video Input source.

Using Anynet+(HDMI-CEC)

Anynet+ is a function that enables you to control other Samsung Devices with your Samsung TV's remote control. Anynet + can be used by connecting this Home Cinema to a SAMSUNG TV using an HDMI Cable. This is only available with SAMSUNG TVs that support Anynet+.

1. Connect the main unit of the Home Cinema to a Samsung

With Anynet+



TV with an HDMI cable. (See page 18)











You can operate this unit, power

. Set the Anynet+ function on your TV.









on your TV, or watch a movie by

(See the TV instructions manual for more information.)


pressing the Play button on your

~ You can operate the Home Cinema by using the TV


Samsung TV's remote control.

remote control. (Available TV buttons :








,and ,buttons,










If you select the TV










Set the Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) to On by pressing the Anynet+





button on your TV.










• receiver : On : You can listen to audio through the Home Cinema.





• receiver : Off : You can listen to audio through the TV.







If you select the THEATEr
















Select Theater to connector and set the option of each items below.





• View TV : If Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) is set to on and you select







View TV, the Home Cinema will automatically switch to DIGITAL IN mode.





~ THEATEr Menu : You can access and control the Home





Cinema menu.










~ THEATEr Operation : The Home Cinema disc playback





information will be displayed. You can control







the Disc operation of the Home Cinema such as title,






chapter and subtitle change.










~receiver : On : You can listen to audio through the Home Cinema.

~receiver : Off : You can listen to audio through the TV.


M ` The Cinema function is available only when you listen to the audio through the Home Cinema with the digital


optical cable connected.

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Samsung HT-X710 user manual Hdmi Function, resolution Selection, Using Anynet+HDMI-CEC, connections