Using the Pause/Cancel Button

The Pause/Cancel button allows you to clear instructions you have entered. It also allows you to pause the oven’s cooking cycle, so that you can check the food.

Pause the oven during cooking: press Pause/Cancel once. To restart, press Start.

Stop cooking, erase instructions, and return the oven display to the time of day: press Pause/Cancel twice.

Correct a mistake you have just entered: press Pause/Cancel once, then re-enter the instructions.

Using the Instant Cook Buttons

1 Press the Instant Cook button corresponding to the food you are cooking (Popcorn, for example). The display shows the first serving size:

On Lock Demo I II

2 Press the button repeatedly to select the serving size you want. The display will cycle through all available serving sizes. Once you select the correct serving size, the microwave will begin cooking automatically.

On Lock Demo I II

When the cooking times is over, the oven will beep. The oven will then beep every minute.

Instant Cook Chart










3.5 oz

Use one microwave-only bag of


3.0-3.5 oz





• Use caution when removing and




opening hot bag from oven.






1 EA, 2 EA

Prick each potato several times with


3 EA, 4 EA





• Place on turntable in spoke-like







• Remove from oven, wrap in foil and let




stand 3-5 min.





Fresh Vegetables

1 cup

Place the vegetables into a casserole


2 cups


and add a small amount of water(2-4


3 cups


Tbsp). Cover during cooking and stir


4 cups


before standing.





Frozen Dinner

8-10 oz

Remove package from outer wrapping


10-12 oz


and follow package instructions for




covering and standing. After cooking,




let stand 1-3 min.






½ cup

Use a microwave-safe mug of room


1 cup


temperature coffee￿￿tea, instant soup


2 cups





Stir before serving.





Pizza Reheat

1 Slice

Put the pizza on a microwave-safe


2 Slices


plate with wide end of slice towards


3 Slices


the outside edge of the plate.



• Do not let slices overlap. Do not







• Before serving, let stand 1-2 min.