Press Start to begin cooking.
You can check the Power Level while cooking is in progress by pressing the Power Level button.
Microwave oven has priority independently from selection of Multi-phase.
Setting Cooking Times, continued
Some recipes require different stages of cooking at different temperatures. You can set multiple stages of cooking with your microwave.
Multi-stage Cooking
1 Follow steps 1 and 2 in the “One-Stage Cooking” section on this page.
When entering more than one cooking stage, the Power Level button must be pressed before the second cooking stage can be entered.
To set the power level at High for a stage of cooking, press the Power Level button twice.
2 Use the number buttons to set a second cooking time.
3 Press the Power Level button, then use the number buttons to set the power level of the second stage of cooking.


Setting Cooking Times & Power Levels

Your microwave allows you to set up to two different stages of cooking, each with its own time length and power level. The power level lets you control the heating intensity from Warm (1) to High (0).

One-stage Cooking

For simple one-stage cooking, you only need to set a cooking time. The power level is automatically set at High. If you want to set the power to any other level, you must set it using the Power Level button.

1 Use the number buttons to set a cooking time. You can set a time from one second to 99 minutes, 99 seconds. To set a time over one minute, enter the seconds too. For example, to set 20 minutes, enter 2, 0, 0, 0 .

2 If you want to set the power level to something other than High, press the Power Level button, then use the number buttons to enter a power level.

Power Levels:


= warm


= simmer



= low


= medium high



= defrost


= reheat



= medium low


= sauté



= medium


= high


3 Press the Start button to begin cooking. If you want to change the power level, press Pause/Cancel before you press Start, and re-enter all of the instructions.

Result: Cooking starts and once finished.

1)Oven emits four beeps.

2)Sign of finishing process sounds 3 time.(One time in every minute)