Press the Auto Defrost button. The display shows “0.5 lbs.” (0.2Kg if you have set your oven for metric measure)


Using the One Minute + Button

This button offers a convenient way to heat food in one-minute increments at the High power level.

1 Press the One Minute + button once for each minute you wish to cook the food. For example, press it twice for two minutes. The time will display, and the oven starts automatically.

Add minutes to a program in progress by pressing the One Minute + button for each minute you want to add.

Defrosting Automatically

To thaw frozen food, set the weight of the food and the microwave automatically sets the defrosting time, power level and standing time.


2 To set the weight of your food, press the Auto Defrost button repeatedly. This increases the weight by 0.5 lb increments, up to

6.0lbs (The Auto Defrost button will increase the weight by 0.2Kg if you are using metric measurement).

You can also use the number buttons to enter the weight of the food directly.

The oven calculates the defrosting time and starts automatically. Twice during defrosting, the oven will beep.

3 Press the Pause/Cancel button, open the oven door, and turn the food over.

4 Press the Start button to resume defrosting.

• See page 12 for the Auto Defrosting Guide.