Search for a variety of content with a keyword or search for nearby devices.

Searching for content or nearby devices

Open the notification panel, swipe downwards on the notification panel, and then tap Search tablet and scan for nearby devices.

Enter a keyword in the search field or tap and say a keyword.

To get more refined results, tap Filter under the search field, and then select filter details.

To search for nearby devices, tap QUICK CONNECT. Refer to QUICK CONNECT for more information.

Setting search categories

You can set search categories to search for content in specific search fields.

Tap Settings Select search locations and select categories.

Entering text

Keyboard layout

A keyboard appears automatically when you enter text to send messages, create memos, and more.

Text entry is not supported in some languages. To enter text, you must change the input language to one of the supported languages.

Enter uppercase. For all caps, tap it twice.

Enter symbols.

Change the keyboard settings.

Delete a preceding character.

Break to the next line.

Move the cursor.

Enter a space.