Setting the recording duration time


After starting recording in the normal way, you can have the VCR stop recording automatically after a specified duration.

1 While recording, press rREC.

Theindicator appears in the display window.



2 Press rREC repeatedly to set the duration.

Each press advances the time in increments of 30 minutes.

0:30 1:00 5:30 6:00 Normal recording

The tape counter decreases minute by minute to 0:00, then the VCR stops recording and turns off automatically.

To extend the duration

Press rREC repeatedly to set a new duration.

To cancel the duration

Press rREC repeatedly until theindicator disappears and the VCR returns to normal recording mode.

To stop recording

To stop the VCR while recording, press pSTOP.


You cannot display the current tape time in the display window when setting the recording duration.

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