Passive 3D Glasses

Get into the scene with Toshiba 3D glasses.
Just slip on the stylish lenses, gaze into the 3D screen,
and you’ll see characters and scenes come to life before your very eyes.
3D entertainment is all about bringing
depth to the movie and gaming
experience in your living room. Slide on
these 3D glasses and the images on your
compatible Toshiba 3D HDTV seem to
leap right into your living room or home
theater. Enjoy 3D entertainment and
amazing picture quality with Toshiba
passive 3D glasses matched to the TL515U
Series LED HDTV. To create the ideal 3D
viewing experience, these sleek passive
3D glasses are designed for comfort so
you can focus on your favorite movies
or video games. The Party Pack of 10
passive 3D glasses let friends and family
share the thrills of the 3D experience front
and center on the Toshiba TL515U Series

Key Features:

3D technology is ideal for families and gamers who want
to enjoy in-your-face action, eye-popping movies and
games in 3D.
Polarized Optics
With passive 3D glasses, high resolution 3D images
and action scenes remain clear and sharp with stunning
vibrant colors.
Lightweight Compact Design
These lightweight and compact 3D glasses are designed
for comfortable viewing enjoyment. These 3D glasses fold
and save space when stored.
Party Pack Kit
The convenient 3D Party Pack with 10 pairs of passive
3D glasses ensures that everyone in your family or group
enjoys the immersive 3D experience with your Toshiba
Natural 3D LED HDTV.
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