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20" (measured diagonally) Radius Tube Design X
Icon TV/VCR Menu X
Picture Preference Modes 4
181-Channel Tuner X
Dual Front-firing Speakers X
Auto Clock Set X
Sleep Timer X
Closed Caption X
Auto Channel Memory X
V-Chip X
Video Heads 2
Record Speeds SP/SLP
Commercial Skip X
8 Event/1 Month Programming X
One-Touch Record X
Auto Tracking X
Auto Play X
Auto Shut Off X
OSD Language English/French/Spanish
Remote Control Glow System
RCA Video In 1 front
Audio Input 1 front
RF Input 1 rear
Headphone Jack 1 front
Weight 48.4 lbs
Box Weight 52.8 lbs
Dimension (WHD) 19-3/4 x 20-1/4 x 19-1/4 inches
Carton Dimension 22-3/8 x 23-1/4 x 22-1/8 inches
UPC Code 022265271148
*CD-R/CD-RW discs recorded by CD-DA method can be played back.Some
CD-R/CD-RW discs may be incompatible due to laser pick-up and disc design.
DVD-R discs recorded by DVD Video method can be played.Some DVD-R discs
may be incompatible due to laser pick-up and disc design.JPEG discs may be
incompatible due to different recording format or condition of disc.


Icon TV and VCR Menu- Offers simple operation by using
picture symbols of key menu functions instead of plain text.Quickly
access various TV features via pull down menus.
Picture Preference Modes- Includes preset picture settings
tailored for various programs and allows quick adjustments at the
touch of a button.Instead of accessing Brightness, Contrast, Color,
or Tint each time you switch from a movie to a sporting event, use
the preset Picture Preference Modes (Standard, Sports, Movie,
Memory) to change the quality of the picture without all the fuss.
The Memory Mode allows you to customize your own settings and
save them into the television's memory.
Auto Clock- This feature ensures that your "TV" never blinks
"12:00" again.A special data stream in your local broadcast source
(where available) automatically sets the clock display and keeps it
accurate-even when time changes to daylight savings and back.
Commercial Skip- After a program has been recorded, pressing
the SKIP button once during playback will automatically advance
the tape 30-seconds forward bypassing recorded commercials.
Pressing the skip button on the remote again will advance the
recorded tape for another 30-seconds for a total of 60-seconds
(30 sec x 6 Maximum).
One-Touch Record - Simplifies setup of timer for recording within a
24-hour period.One button starts record and allows setting of a
record length of up to 6 hours.
Tri-Lingual On-Screen Displays - Allows viewers to read menu
selections in three different languages (English, French, and
Spanish) to ensure user-friendly programming.
Auto Tracking - Constantly adjusts tape alignment for optimum
picture quality.