Tripp Lite 2200XLT specifications Storage & Service, Specifications

Models: 2200XLT

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Storage & Service

Storage & Service


Turn your UPS OFF: first engage the ON/Standby Switch and release it to place your UPS in the “Standby” mode; then set the System Enable Switch (Jumper #4, UPS rear panel) to "DISABLE" (down); finally, disconnect the UPS power cord from the wall outlet. If you plan on storing your UPS for an extended period of time, recharge the UPS batteries once every three months. Follow steps #1 and #3 in the Quick Installation section and allow the UPS to charge from 4 to 6 hours. If you leave your UPS batteries discharged for an extended period of time, they will suffer permanent loss of capacity.


If returning your UPS to Tripp Lite, please carefully pack the UPS using the ORIGINAL PACKING MATERIAL that came with the unit. Enclose a letter describing the symptoms of the problem. If the UPS is within the 2 year warranty period, enclose a copy of your sales receipt.



Smart 2200XLT

Output Capacity (VA/Watts):


Battery Runtime (Half Load/Full Load) Minutes:


Battery Recharge Time:

2-4 hrs.*



Nominal Input Voltage/Frequency:

208V/60 Hz

On-Line Input Voltage Range:

173-250 volts

Voltage-Regulated Output Voltage Range:

230V ± 9%

On-Battery Output Voltage Range:

230V ± 5%

Output Waveform —Line Mode:

filtered sinewave

Output Waveform —Battery Mode:

PWM sine wave

AC Surge Suppression :

exceeds IEEE 587


Cat. A & B standards

AC Noise Attenuation:

>40 dB

AC Protection Modes:

H to N, H to G, N to G

*Runtime can be extended with the connection of the appropriate Tripp Lite external battery packs. With the addition of external battery packs, battery recharge time will increase.


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Tripp Lite 2200XLT specifications Storage & Service, Specifications