Weed Eater 530163351 Assembly, Carton Contents, Tools Required, Attaching The Handlebar

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operate in a locale where such regulations ex- ist, you are legally responsible for maintaining the operating condition of these parts. Failure to do so is a violation of the law. For normal homeowner use, the muffler and spark arrest- ing screen will not require any service.

After 50 hours of use, we recommend that your muffler be serviced or replaced by your authorized service dealer.

CARTON CONTENTS WARNING: The muffler on this prod- uct contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.



Check carton contents against the following list:


SHandlebar screws (2) S Blade shield screws (4) S Cupped washer

S Large nut for installing blade S Long hex wrench

S Short hex wrench S Bracket cover

S Metal shield S Plastic shield

S Shoulder strap with warning S 4--point weed blade

S Trimmer head (assembled on unit) S Handlebar

S Wing nut (screwed onto shield) S Container of oil

TOOLS REQUIRED WARNING: Always stop unit and dis- connect spark plug before performing any as- sembly procedures.

ATTACHING THE HANDLEBAR WARNING: If received assembled, repeat all steps to ensure your unit is properly assembled and all fasteners are secure.

Examine parts for damage. Do not use dam- aged parts.

NOTE: If you need assistance or find parts missing or damaged, call 1-800-554-6723.

It is normal for the fuel filter to rattle in the empty fuel tank.

Finding fuel or oil residue on muffler is normal due to carburetor adjustments and testing done by the manufacturer.


S2 Hex wrenches (provided)

SAdjustable wrench or large pliers S Phillips screwdriver


ASSEMBLY OF SHOULDER STRAP WARNING: During blade usage, the barrier portion of the handlebar must be installed as shown to provide a barrier be- tween operator and the spinning blade.

1.Locate the decal on the handlebar. This decal includes two arrows. Position the handlebar with the mounting bracket be- tween these arrows.

2.Position the bracket cover over the han- dlebar. Again make sure the handlebar is between the arrows.

3.Insert screws and hand tighten only. Be sure the handlebar is installed correctly; then, tighten each screw securely with the short hex wrench.



Bracket Cover




Manual background WARNING: Proper shoulder strap and handlebar adjustments must be made with the engine completely stopped before using unit.

1. Insert your right arm and head through

the shoulder strap and allow it to rest on your left shoulder. Make sure the danger sign is on your back and the hook is to the right side of your waist.

NOTE: A one-half twist is built in the shoul- der strap to allow the strap to rest flat on the shoulder.

2. Adjust the strap, allowing the hook to be about 6 inches below the waist.

3. Fasten the strap hook to the clamp located between the trigger handle and the handle- bar clamp base and lift the tool to the oper- ating position.

4. Try on shoulder strap and adjust for fit and balance before starting the engine or beginning a cutting operation.

NOTE: It may be necessary to relocate the shoulder strap clamp on the shaft for proper balancing of unit.


1.Loosen and remove both clamp screws.

2.Place the upper shoulder strap clamp over the tube.

3.Position the lower shoulder strap clamp under the tube and align the upper and lower clamp screw holes.

Upper Shoulder

Strap Clamp

Lower Shoulder


Strap Clamp




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Weed Eater 530163351 Carton Contents, Tools Required, Attaching The Handlebar, Assembly Of Shoulder Strap