Weed Eater 530163351 Assembly Information - Weed Blade, Attaching The Metal Shield

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NOTE: Remove the trimmer head and plastic shield before attaching the metal shield and installing the weed blade. To remove the trim- mer head, align hole in the dust cup with the hole in the side of the gearbox by rotating the dust cup. Insert a small screwdriver into aligned holes. This will keep the shaft from turning while loosening the trimmer head. Remove the trim- mer head by turning clockwise. Remove the screwdriver. To remove the plastic shield, loos- en and remove wing nut. Pivot shield to release bracket from slot. See INSTALLATION OF THE CUTTING HEAD and ATTACHING THE PLASTIC SHIELD for illustrations. Be sure to store all parts and instructions for future use. Never use the trimmer head with the metal blade installed.


ATTACHING THE METAL SHIELD WARNING: The metal shield must be properly installed on the tool anytime the tool is used with a blade. The forward tip of the metal shield helps to reduce the occurrence of blade thrust which can cause serious injury such as amputation to the operator or by- standers. Failure to install the shield in the position shown can result in serious injury to the operator. The length of the shield must be aligned with the length of the tube.

1.Place the metal shield under the gearbox, and align the screw holes.


INSTALLATION OF THE METAL BLADE WARNING: Wear protective gloves when handling or performing maintenance on the blade to avoid injury. The blade is sharp and can cut you even when it is not moving.

Manual background WARNING: Do not use any blades, or fastening hardware other than the washers and nuts shown in the following illustrations. These parts must be provided by Poulan/Weed Eater and installed as shown below. Failure to use proper parts can cause the blade to fly off and seriously hurt you or others.

NOTE: The dust cup and retaining washer are located on the gearbox shaft and not in the parts bag. All other fasteners mentioned in the follow- ing assembly steps are in the parts bag.

1.Remove the retaining washer from the threaded shaft of the gearbox. Leave the dust cup on the shaft.

2.Install the blade and the retaining washer over the threaded shaft.

3.Make sure the raised part of the retaining washer is facing the gearbox and the raised area fits into the hole in the center of the blade.

4.Slide the blade and retaining washer onto the shaft of the gearbox.

5.Place the cupped washer onto the shaft. Make sure the cupped side of the washer is toward the blade.

6.Install the blade nut by threading onto the shaft counterclockwise.



Dust Cup

Threaded Shaft



Retaining Washer Manual background




Washer Manual background


2.Insert and thread the 4 mounting screws through the holes of the gearbox and the metal shield. Tighten evenly and secure- ly with the hex wrench provided.

NOTE: Make sure all parts are in place as il- lustrated, and the blade is sandwiched between the dust cup and the retaining washer. There should be no space between the blade and the dust cup or the retaining washer.

7.Align hole in dust cup with hole in side of gearbox by rotating the blade.


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Weed Eater 530163351 Assembly Information - Weed Blade, Attaching The Metal Shield, Installation Of The Metal Blade