Proper installation is your responsibility. supply cord is required
Make sure you have everything See Electrical requirements.
necessary for correct installation. It is
the customer’s responsibility to comply

Important: Observe all

with the installation specifications

governing codes and


/Electrical outlet
must be available
within the reach of
\ the P~~~;~s~PP~Y
opening si2
Check location where air
conditioner will be installed:
Correct opening size,
Adequate wall support for
weight of air conditioner,
An electrical outlet within
Do Not use an
extension cord.
Free movement of air to
rooms to be cooled.
The opening dimensions must
have 24-7/8” width and a
15-l/4” height.
reach of power supply cord,
Electrical Shock Hazard
It is the customer’s responsibility: Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA
To contact a qualified 704atest edition”, and all
electrical installer. local codes and ordinances.
. To assure that the electrical
installation is adequate and in Failure to do so could result in
conformance with National fire, electrical shock or other
personal injury.
Personal Injury/Product Damage Hazard
Because of the weight and size falling out of opening during
of the air conditioner, more installation.
than one person is needed to
Do Not locate air conditioner
move, lift and safely install it. where cabinet front is
Handle air conditioner with exposed to a heat source
care. Metal fins on front and that raises the surface
rear coils are sharp. temperature above 12O’F.
. Do Not drink the water that
collects inside the air Failure to follow these
conditioner. It is not sanitary. instructions could result in
Maintain a firm hold on the air personal injury or damage to
conditioner to prevent it from air conditioner.
Copies of the standards listed may be obtained from:
‘National Fire Protecllon Association
Balierymarch Park
Quincy. Massachusetts 02269
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materials needed

for installation:


Parts supplied for


2 screws
- gasket
-drain hose connector
Mounting Kit, Part No. 1158268 from
authorized parts distributor.



Electrical Shock Hazard
0 Electrical ground is required on
this appliance.
elf cold water pipe is interrupted by
plastic, non-metallic gaskets or
other insulating materials, Do Not
use for grounding.
*Do Not ground to a gas pipe.
*Do Not modify the power supply
cord plug. If it does not fit the
outlet, have a proper outlet
installed by a qualified electrician.
*Do Not have a fuse in the neutral
or grounding circuit. A fuse in the
neutral or grounding circuit could
result in electrical shock.
*Do Not use an extension cord with
this appliance.
*Check with a qualified electrician
if you are in doubt as to whether
the appliance is properly
Failure to follow these instructions
could result in serious injury or
If codes permit and a separate
grounding wire is used, it is
recommended that a qualified
electrician determine that the
grounding path is adequate.