Personal Injury/Product
Damage Hazard
Maintain a firm hold on the air
conditioner to prevent it from
falling out of the opening during
Failure to follow this instruction
could result in personal injury or
damage to the air conditioner.
If Through-the-Wall Sleeve
No. AOW22WZ has been
purchased, go to Step 90.
mounting brackets air conditioner
If Through-the-Wall Mounting Kit
No. 1158268 will be used, attach
mounting brackets from Kit No.
1158268 as shown. Place air
conditioner in center of opening.
Property Damage
Check that air conditioner
cabinet is tilted to the outside so
that water will run to the outside.
Failure to do so may cause
damage to property.
Place level
on air con-
ditioner. There
should be a tilt to
the outside of
about one bubble
The air conditioner
should be level from side to side.
mounting brackets air conditioner
Secure air conditioner in
opening by attaching the
mounting brackets to the frame
with wood screws. Go to Step 10.
sleeve installation:
Check the air conditioner model
number on the model/serial label
located behind the front panel on
the base flange. Check the air
conditioner cabinet model
number on the model/serial rating
label located in the lower right
front corner of the cabinet.
If air conditioner model number
starts with letters ACU, remove the
rear grille from the air conditioner
and discard the grille.
Install the
AOW22WZ sleeve in
framed wall opening. Nail sleeve
securely to the frame with a tilt
(one full bubble) to the outside.
9 t


Place the foam
seat between the
front edge of the
air conditioner
base and the
bottom flange
of the Through-the-Wall
cabinet. Slide the air conditioner
into the sleeve.
Remove sheet metal
screws from air
conditioner front
base flange. Insert
tabs on the top edge
of front panel into
slots in the air
conditioner cabinet.
Use two sheet metal screws to
attach the bottom of the front
panel to the cabinet.

Ttih 01


Use insulation to seal
openina between
cabinet and’frame Caulk outside
wall openings around cabinet.
If needed, install
I molding around room
side of cabinet. -
If ybur air conditioner is not
operating properly...
Check that the circuit breaker is
not tripped or house fuse blown.
Check that power supply cord is
securely plugged into the
electrical outlet.
If you need assistance...
The, Whirlpool Consumer
Assistance Center will answer any
questions about operating or
maintaining your air conditioner
not covered in the Installation
Instructions. The Whirlpool
Consumer Assistance Center is
open 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. Just dial l-800-253-1301 -
the call is free.
When you call, you will need the
air conditioner model number
and serial number. Both numbers
can be found on the model and
serial label located behind the
front panel on the base flange.
If you need service...
In the event that your Whirlpool
appliance should need service,
call the dealer from whom you
purchased the appliance or a
Whirlpool-authorized service
company. A Whirlpool-authorized
service company is listed in the
Yellow Pages of your telephone
directory under “Appliances -
Household - Major - Service or
Repair.” You can also obtain the
service company’s name and
telephone number by dialing,
free, within the continental United
States, the Whirlpool Consumer
Assistance Center telephone
number, 1-800-253-l 301. A
special operator will tell you the
name and number of your
nearest Whirlpool-authorized
service company.
Maintain the quality built into your
Whirlpool appliance - call a
Whirlpool-authorized service
Pat-t No. 1163570 Rev. A
0 1993 Whirlpool Corporation Prepared by Whirlpool Corporation,
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022 Printed in USA