Thank you for choosing a Yamaha EZ GUITAR (EZ-AG)!
For maximum performance and enjoyment,
please read this owner's manual carefully before using your EZ-AG.
When you're done reading the manual,
please store it in a safe place – along with the warranty card –
for future reference.
Main Features
The EZ-AG is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use instrument. Some of its main features and functions include:
• Built-in amplifier and speaker.
• Automatic accompaniment featuring a range of popular songs and chord progressions.
(See Page 12)
• Using the STRUM play mode you can play complete songs using only your right hand!
(See Page 18)
• The CHORD play mode indicates the fingering for the chords you should play on the EZ-AG’s illu-
minated frets – an ideal practice and learning tool! (See Page 19)
• New songs can be downloaded from the internet using your computer, then transferred to and
played on the EZ-AG! (MIDI interface required see page 22)
• Play using a wide range of different sounds. (See Page 12)
• No tuning required! The EZ-AG is always in perfect tune from the moment you turn it on. You can
also select alternate tunings such as drop D and open G. (See Page 14)
• A “virtual capo” can be applied up to the sixth fret. (See Page 14)
• Since the EZ-AG uses switches rather than actual strings over frets, playing
techniques that depend on the physical properties of strings – such as string
bending, vibrato produced by string bending, and harmonics – are not possible.