Zanussi ZKR 59/39 RN manual Door reversal directions

Models: ZKR 59/39 R ZKR 59/39 RN

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 Door reversal directions

Manual background Door reversal directions

1.Disconnect from the electricity supply.

2.Remove all loose items, including food, store food in a cool place.

3.Gently lay the fridge/freezer on its back with the top held away from the floor by 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) of packing;

4.Remove the feet (2-3)

5.Remove bottom hinge (1).

6.Remove the freezer door by releasing it from the middle hinge (H).

7.Unscrew the middle hinge.

8.Slide out the fridge door from pin (G), unscrew the latter and then screw it down into the hinge- blade provided on the opposite side, after having removed the small plugs (I) which should then be fitted on the opposite side.

9.Refit the fridge door and replace the middle hinge to the left hand side.

10.Replace the door and bottom hinge (1) on the opposite side.

11.Refit the feet (2-3) on the opposite side.

Manual background Attention

After completion of the door reversing operation, check that the door gasket adheres to the cabinet. If the ambient temperature is cold (i.e. in Winter), the gasket may not fit perfectly to the cabinet. In that case, wait for the natural fitting of the gasket or accelerate this process by heating up the part involved with a normal hairdryer on a low setting.











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Page 20
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Zanussi ZKR 59/39 RN manual Door reversal directions