Zanussi ZKR 59/39 RN manual Use and features of the CRISPÕN FRESH filter, Cleaning the filter

Models: ZKR 59/39 R ZKR 59/39 RN

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Use and features of the CRISPÕN FRESH filter

Use and features of the CRISPÕN FRESH filter

ÒCrispÕn freshÓ is the glass shelf on top of the salad crispers which is fitted with a special removable green filter.

The filter allows cool air from the fridge to circulate through the drawers and help prevent moisture loss. By retaining moisture in foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables and salad they are kept fresher for longer.

Cleaning the filter

The filter is held by two small support frames which press into position and are therefore easily removed for cleaning. To do this, turn the glass shelf upside down and release the frames as shown in the figure. The filter and the glass cover can be washed gently in warm soapy water, they should not be put in the dishwasher.

Replacement filters can be purchased as a spare part from your local Zanussi Service Centre.

Cool Check Guide

The guide consists of a temperature sensitive strip sealed in a shelf trim.

When the fridge is operating at the safe temperature to store food the guide will appear black. If the temperature rises above this level the guide will show the words TOO WARM.

Positioning of the Cool Check

The shelf with the cool check temperature guide must be placed in the fridge according to the instructions located on the fridge wall and always ensure the guide is at the front.

If the Cool Check shows TOO WARM

In certain conditions the temperature guide may show TOO WARM if:

¥The fridge is switched off

¥The door has been recently opened

¥A quantity of warmer food has been introduced to the fridge

¥The fridge temperature is above the recommended maximum for the safe storage of food.

The cool check will change to show ÒTOO WARMÒ very quickly after the door has been opened. It will however take a number of hours to return to black, indicating that the temperature is correct.

The appliance should be left overnight and the cool check examined in the morning. If the cool check shows TOO WARM, turn the thermostar to a colder setting leave overnight and examine again the following morning.






Page 8
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Zanussi ZKR 59/39 RN manual Use and features of the CRISPÕN FRESH filter, Cleaning the filter, Cool Check Guide