Zanussi ZKR 59/39 R Operation, Before using, Setting the temperature, The freezer compartment

Models: ZKR 59/39 R ZKR 59/39 RN

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Before using

Remove all securing tapes. Wash inside the appliance with lukewarm water and bicarbonate of soda (5 ml to 0.5 litre of water).

Do not use soap or detergent as the smell may linger. Dry thoroughly.

Setting the temperature

The temperature inside the refrigerator is regulated by a thermostat with 6 temperature positions and one ÇOFFÈ (O) position.

Position 1 = minimum coldness

Position 6 = maximum coldness

Turn the thermostat dial to the required position.

The intermediate position is usually the most suitable (3-4).

The thermostat setting can vary as the temperature inside the refrigeration compartment depends on the following factors:

Ðroom temperature

Ðhow often the door is opened

Ðhow much food is stored

Ðposition of the appliance

Before using Important

If the fridge is not defrosting correctly, it is possible that because a very low temperature has been selected, the motor is working continuously, which prevents the defrost cycle from operating.

To ensure correct defrosting, a lower number should be selected on the thermostat and you should notice that the motor cuts out from time to time, which is correct.

If you wish to return to a lower temperature, turn the thermostat to a higher number, however you should turn the setting lower occasionally to allow automatic defrosting.

Low Ambient Temperature Switch

To ensure that the appliance is working efficiently when the room temperature drops below 16¡C, the switch mounted next to the thermostat control should be switched on.

No damage can be caused by leaving the switch in this position for any period of time (see page 12 Low ambient operation).However should the temperature rise above 16¡C remember to turn the switch off




A - Low Ambient Switch

The freezer compartment

The four-star freezer compartment is suitable for storage of commercially frozen food and for freezing fresh foods.

Freezing fresh food

When freezing large amounts of fresh food turn the thermostat to maximum approximately 1 hour prior to freezing.

When the food is frozen return to the normal position.

In any 24 hours you can freeze up to 10 kg.

Place food to be frozen in the upper drawer of the freezer as this is the coldest part.

If you need to store large quantities of food, you can remove the drawer from the appliance and pile the food directly on the cooling shelves, always respecting the load limits where they are stated.

Setting the temperature Important

In the event of a power cut the food in the freezer will not be affected if the power cut is short and if the freezer is full. Do not open the door. Should the food begin to thaw, it must be consumed quickly and must not be re-frozen .


Frozen food storage

When you first start the freezer or if the freezer has been out of use for some time, we advise you to depress the ambient switch for at least two hours before storing frozen food.

Do not exceed the storage period indicated by the manufacturer.

Finally, do not open the door frequently or leave it open longer than is absolutely necessary.


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Zanussi ZKR 59/39 R Operation, Before using, Setting the temperature, The freezer compartment, Freezing fresh food, again