Display IP / MAC Address and Firmware VersionAssign Remote Panels FSN MenuRCP-120 Web InterfaceConfiguration MenusStages of UseRCP-120 User’s GuideWorking with the RCP-120
P/N 26-1004005-00, Rev 00
For complete details on the RCP-120 panel, all menus, and all installation, setup,
configuration and operations procedures, please refer to the RCP-120 User’s Guide
located on the Barco Website or at ftp.folsom.com/Image Processing/RCP-120.
Before Power is Applied
Press and hold buttons 11 and 12 for several
seconds to display the current IP Address, MAC
Address and Firmware Version for the RCP-120
Power Just Applied or Connection to FSN Controller Lost
Connection to FSN Controller established – Panel NOT assigned to AUX Output
Connection to FSN Controller established – Panel assigned to Standard Aux
Connection to FSN Controller established – Panel assigned to Aux Mixer
Use a computer to browse to the RCP-120 Web Interface. In the browser’s address
bar, type http://<IP Address>. For example:
Default User: admin -- Default Password: admin
Use the RCP-120 Configuration web
page to configure the device for use on
the FSN network.
Static IP Address needs to be
unique for each panel on the
Host Name can be set to give the
panel a unique name that will be
shown in the FSN Assign Remote
Panels menu.
Master ControllerIP Address
needs to be set to the IP Address
of the FSN Controller.
Discover panels and
Assign Aux Outputs to
the selected panel.
Panel Not
Panel Connected
but Not Assigned
Panel Connected
and Assigned
Conflicting IP Addresses
Use the RCP-120 Web
Interface to correct the
conflict, then press
Discover Remote Panels
to clear the error in the