Char-Broil 10101480 manual Assembly

Models: 10101480

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Tools required for assembly:

Phillips Screwdriver (Not Supplied); Small Adjustable Wrench (Not Supplied)


Remove top cover, cooking basket and cooking pot.

Turn appliance upside down.

Attach legs to body using three #10-24 x 1/2" screws and three #10-24 Keps nuts for each leg. Insert screw through appliance body from outside, then through matching hole in leg and apply the #10-24 Keps nut. Assure leg with rating label is attached behind burner tube outlet as pictured.

Qty: 12

Qty: 12

#10-24x1/2" Screw

#10-24 Keps Nut

Leg Assembly

with Rating Label



Keps Nuts




While the appliance is upside down, take a moment to ensure the grease tray slides into the grease tray rails smoothly. If not, loosen the screws shown below and adjust the grease tray rails as necessary. Once adjustments are complete - tighten the screws.


Screw located at

each end

Grease Tray Rail

of the grease rails.

Slide the Grease Tray into the Grease Tray Rails to ensure smooth operation.

Grease Tray Rail

Adjust the grease rails as

necessary to ensure smooth operation, then tighten screws.


Page 13
Image 13
Char-Broil 10101480 manual Assembly