The interface adapter for iPod® by Clarion,
EA1251, works by simulating the iPod as a 6
Disc CeNET CD Changer. Please consult your
main unit’s Owner’s Manual for CD Changer
operations before beginning to use EA1251.
Clarion Multimedia Station of VRX series cannot
control EA1251 through the KEY PAD screen or
the list screen. If required so, please use the
function buttons instead. Some EA1251 functions
might not be available.


Please check your iPod Owner’s Manual for the
operating temperature as leaving iPod in your
vehicle might damage it due to temperature
variations and moisture.
Some main unit models with CD-Text function
have the capability to show ID3 TAG if iPod is
connected through EA1251. Please refer to Title
Display Section for more details.
For list of main unit compatible to EA1251, please
consult your nearest Clarion dealer.
For iPod operations, please ref er to iPod Owner’ s