Electrolux 137378100 A manual Cycle Options, Stain Treat, LIGHT press & hold, Delay Start, Prewash

Models: EIFLS60LT

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Cycle Options

Operating Instructions 17

Cycle Options

Suitable options will automatically be indicated when the cycle is selected.

To add options, press the corresponding options buttons to illuminate the selections desired. To delete options, press the options buttons again and the indicator lights will turn off. Some Options require a “press & hold” effort to activate or deacti- vate the secondary function.

To protect your fabrics, not all options are available with every cycle. The indicator will not light if the option is not available with that cycle. Occasion- ally, two options in the same cycle will conflict with each other, like add steam and eco friendly. When this happens, the option selected first will cause the conflicting option to not be selectable.


To change the options once the cycle has begun, press the pause button, make the new selections and press start again.

All options selected for the cycle, except add steam will be remembered and recalled each time that cycle is selected in the future. To prevent unintentional and accidental exposure of delicate material to unexpected steam, the add steam op- tion will not be remembered and must be rese- lected each time.


The add steam option will be retained and recalled if it is selected and saved in the my favorite cycle.


Stain treat uses a special 10 minute soak/pretreat agitation before the main wash. It fills initially with detergent and cold water to prevent protein stains

from setting, then the internal heater is activated to heat the wash water to remove non-protein based stains. Can be used with prewash for the toughest stains.

LIGHT (press & hold)

The drum light will come on whenever the door is opened to illuminate the drum during loading and unloading. Closing the door turns off the light. The drum light will automatically turn off if the door is left open more than 3 minutes.

You can activate the drum light during a cycle by pressing and holding the stain treat button. The light will stay on during the cycle for 3 minutes. To turn it off, press and hold the button again.


Press delay start to select a wash time convenient to your schedule or during off peak energy hours. The delay time selected will be displayed and be- gin counting down when you select start.

CHIME (press & hold)

A signal will sound at the end of the cycle if this option is selected.


Select this option to add a short initial wash peri- od to a cycle. Heavily soiled and stained loads will prewash for approximately 5 minutes. The water will drain and the load will automatically advance to the regular wash cycle.

See step 5 in “Operating Your Washer” section in this guide for details on adding detergent to the dispenser.

MAX FILL (press & hold)

Increase the water fill level of the agitation portion of any wash cycle.

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Electrolux 137378100 A, EIFLS60LT Cycle Options, Stain Treat, LIGHT press & hold, Delay Start, CHIME press & hold, Prewash