Electrolux EIKG6046 Checking The Grill, Checking The Hotplate, Checking Lid Shut-Off Device

Models: EIKG6046 EIKG6047

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Place the grill pan containing the grid, with the handle attached, into the grill compartment. Light the grill burner by turning the grill tap full on and pressing the ignition button on the fascia panel. As soon as the burner is lit the button can be released.


Lift the lid. Fit the burner crowns and caps ensuring that they are correctly seated. Fit the pan supports. To light the hotplate burners push in and hold the control knob, turn to large flame symbol (highest setting) and press the ignition button immediately. Keep the control knob depressed for up to 5 seconds, but no longer than 10 seconds. After this time release the controls. The flame should remain alight.

Turn off the hotplate and wait 1 minute. Turn the hotplate control knob to large flame symbol (highest setting). DO NOT depress or attempt to ignite the burner. No gas should flow.


1.Lift the lid

2.Turn one hotplate tap to its full on position and push the ignition button.

3.Close the lid. There should now be no gas supply to the hotplate and the burner will go out.

4.Turn off the hotplate and lift the lid. The gas supply should now be restored to the hotplate, when the tap is turned on.


1.Turn the second oven thermostat control knob anticlockwise to Mk.8 and press the ignition button. As soon as the burner is alight the button can be released.

2.When the oven burner lights up there should be a low gas rate at first to the oven burner which is the F.S.D. by-pass rate.

3.When the F.S.D. phial has heated up it opens the F.S.D. valve and the main gas stream flows to the burner.

4.After 1 minute check that the flame covers the full width of the burner and is stable.

5.Set the oven control to Mk. 2, close the oven door and check that after about 10 minutes the flame size has reduced.

6.Turn off the control knob and check that the oven flames go out.


Page 35
Image 35
Electrolux EIKG6046 Checking The Grill, Checking The Hotplate, Checking Lid Shut-Off Device, Checking The Second Oven