Exido 245-078 Introduction, SAFETY MEASURES Normal use of the appliances, Prior To First Use

Models: 245-078

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To get the best out of your new appliances, please read this user guide carefully before using them for the first time. Take particular note of the safety precautions. We also recommend that you keep the instructions for future reference, so that you can remind yourself of the functions of your appliances.


Normal use of the appliances

Incorrect use of the appliances may cause personal injury and damage to the appliances.

Use for their intended purposes only. The manufacturer is not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from incorrect use or handling (see also Guarantee Terms).

The kettle may only be connected to 230 V, 50 Hz.

The kettle may only be used with the base station supplied.

For domestic use only. Not for outdoor or commercial use.

Remove the plug from the socket once you have finished using the kettle.

Please note that the kettle will remain hot for a while, after you switch it off. Always allow the appliances to cool completely before you put them away or clean them.

The kettle or cord must not be placed in water or any other liquid.

The kettle should not be switched on unless there is water in it.

The water level in the kettle must not be below “MIN” or above “MAX”. Check water level using the external water level indicator.

Keep the appliances under constant supervision while in use. Keep an eye on children.

Avoid touching the outside of the appliances when in use and immediately after, as they become hot. Touch the handle and lid only. Be careful of hot steam when opening the lid.

Never touch the kettle or base station if your hands are wet or damp.

Positioning of the appliances

Always place the appliances on a level, dry, stable and heat-resistant surface.

Always place the appliances at the back of a kitchen counter and at a safe distance from flammable objects such as curtains, tablecloths or similar.

The appliances must not be placed or stored near other sources of heat.

Do not cover.

Cord, plug and mains socket

Check regularly that neither the cord nor plug is damaged and do not use the kettle if there is any damage, or if it has been dropped on the floor, dropped in water or damaged in any other way.

Remove the plug from the socket when cleaning, or when the kettle is not in use. Avoid pulling the cord when removing the plug from the socket. Instead, hold the plug.

Do not allow the cord to hang over the edge of a table/counter, and keep it away from hot objects and naked flames.

Check that it is not possible to pull or trip over the kettle or any extension cord.

Check the wire in the base fits into one of the small incisions in the edge to ensure the base station is stable, and not standing on the wire.

If the appliance or plug is damaged, it must be inspected and if necessary, repaired by an authorised repair engineer, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock. Never try to repair the appliance yourself. Please contact the store where you bought the appliance for repairs under guarantee.

Unauthorised repairs or modifications to the appliance will invalidate the guarantee.



2.Filter (in spout)


4.Opening button

5.Water level and on/off indicator

6.On/off button



Before using for the first time

(or after a long period of storage), fill and boil the kettle three times before using. Follow the directions in “How to use the kettle” below.


1.Open the lid (3) by pressing the opening button (4).

2.Pour fresh water into the kettle. Fill the appliance with water at least to the minimum mark (“MIN”) and not exceeding the maximum mark (“MAX”) on the water level indicator (5)

3.Close the lid and ensure it clicks into place.

4.Place the kettle on its base station (14) by positioning it so the stud on the base (10) fits into the hole on the underside of the kettle.


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Exido 245-078 manual Introduction, SAFETY MEASURES Normal use of the appliances, Positioning of the appliances