Record Your Model and Serial Numbers

Record in the space provided below the model and serial numbers. On all models, the serial
plate is located on the outside of the cabinet.
Model No.
Serial No.

Register Your Product

The self-addressed PRODUCT REGISTRATION CARD should be filled in completely, signed
and returned to the Frigidaire Company.
Unit may vibrate and make noise
because of poor wall or window
construction or incorrect installation.
High Pitched Chatter
Today’s high efficiency compressors
may have a high pitched chatter
during the cooling cycle.
Sound of Rushing Air
At the front of the unit, you may
hear the sound of rushing air
being moved by the fan.
“Gurgling or hissing” noise may be heard
due t o ref rige rant p assi ng th roug h
evaporator during normal operation.
Pinging or Swishing
Dropl ets of wa ter h itti ng
condenser d urin g norm al
operation may cause “pinging
or swishing” sounds.
Product RegistrationNormal SoundsPackaging Remove all packaging from inside the unit, also any inserts placed into

side louvers.

Packing + straps Packing Inserts