Frymaster UHC-HD Shorted Triac, Heater Plate, Display Meanings, Cabinet Service Procedures

Models: UHC-HD

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2.5.4 Display

Cabinet Service Procedures

suspect heater. Note: Line voltage is only seen when the row is calling for heat.

2.Check for line voltage between the power input terminal and the terminal block.

3.Check for +5VDC at the power-in terminal and the terminal block for the power supply.

NOTE: After testing, reconnect all connections to their original positions.

2.5.4 Display

1.Remove power from unit.

2.Connect the ribbon cable from a suspect display to the connector of a properly working display to isolate the problem to the display or the distribution board.

3.Reapply power to cabinet.

2.5.5 Shorted Triac

Fig. 6: Distribution board shown with display cables removed.

1.Turn the suspect row off and measure

voltage between the suspect heater lead on the distribution board and the terminal block. With the row off, there should be no line voltage. If the triac is shorted, you will measure AC line voltage. If the triac is half waving, you will get DC voltage of approximately one-half the line AC voltage.

2.5.6 Heater Plate

1.Disconnect power to the cabinet. Remove side and top panels. Disconnect the black heater lead and the RTD leads (brown and red) of the suspect plate from distribution board. Measure resistance of the heater from the black lead to any terminal on the white terminal block. Resistance should be 140-150 ohms.

2.Measure resistance across the brown and red RTD leads. Resistance must be within a range of 104-148 ohms. Resistance at room temperature is approximately 107 ohms. See chart on Page 2-4for resistance at different temperatures. If either resistance is incorrect, replace the heater plate.

2.5.7 Display Meanings

1.ROW TEMP HIGH OR ROW TEMP LOW and no audible alarm. This is normal when the row is changing temperature in association with a menu change.

2.LLLL means the RTD indicates a temperature below 50°F (10°C). Unit will automatically heat at 20 percent until temperature is above 50°F (10°C), then operate normally.


Page 13
Image 13
Frymaster UHC-HD manual Shorted Triac, Heater Plate, Display Meanings, Cabinet Service Procedures