Installation instruction
4.Air discharging method
According to the method of the Figure shown, discharge the air in the indoor
unit and pipe out.
(1)Remove the valve cap of little stop valve of the outdoor unit.
(2)Loosen the thick flare screw nut connected to big stop valve for about 1~1.5
(3)Use spanner (hexagon spanner) open (turn anti-clockwise) the valve core
of little stop valve for 90*, after the gas will discharge from the thick flare
for about 15 seconds, then fasten the flare screw nut according to the
specified torque.
(4)Open the little and big stop valve.
(5)Fasten the valve caps of the two valves.
(6)Use leakage detector or soap water to
check if there is leakage.
Gas pipe
Liquid pipe
5. Refrigerant charging amount
When the connection pipe (L) is less than or equal to 5m, it is not necessary
to charge additional refrigerant. If the connection pipe (L) exceeds 5m, it needs
to be added with 60g refrigerant every meter.
That is: refrigerant charging amount = (L-5)x60(g)
Only in COOLING operation mode can charge the additional refrigerant.
When charging, the refrigerant should be charged through the charging
nozzle of the low pressure valve.
When charging the refrigerant, please be careful not to let air mix into the
When the length of the connection pipe of the single system exceeds 5m,
it must use external system Freon R407C to discharge the air in the connection
pipe out, then discharge the excessive refrigerant by the above method.
The air conditioner newly left factory has been charged additional 80g R407C
on the basis of the previous specified refrigerant amount.
This method is only used in the installation for the first time to discharge
the air in the connection pipe and indoor unit out.