Haier HDW9SS Energy Saving Tips, How to Keep Your Dishwasher in Shape, After Every Wash, Seals


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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

-It is important to try and run the dishwasher when it is fully loaded to save on energy. In order to prevent odors from form- ing and food from caking onto the dishes, you can run the soak cycle.

-Choose the right wash cycle: the choice of cycle depends on the type of dishware, cookware and utensils being washed and how dirty they are.

-Use the right amount of detergent: if you use too much detergent, the result will not be cleaner dishes, but, rather, a greater nega- tive impact on the environment.

-There is no utility in rinsing dishes, cookware and untensils before placing them in the dishwasher.

How to Keep Your Dishwasher in Shape

After Every Wash

After every wash, turn off the water supply to the appliance and leave the door slightly ajar so that moisture and odors are not trapped inside.

Remove the Plug

Before cleaning or performing maintenance, always remove the plug from the socket. Do not run risks.

No Solvents or Abrasive Cleaning Products

To clean the exterior and rubber parts of the dishwasher, do not use solvents or abrasive cleaning products. Rather, use only a cloth and warm soap water.

To remove spots or stains from the surface of the interior, use a cloth dampened with water and white vinegar, or a cleaning products made specifically for dishwasher.

When You Go on Holiday

When you go on holiday, it is recommended that you run a wash cycle with the dishwasher empty and then remove the plug from the socket, turn off the water supply and leave the door of the appliance slightly ajar. This will help the seals last longer and pre- vent odors from forming within the appliance.

Moving the Appliance

If the appliance must be moved, try to keep it in the vertical position. If absolutely necessary, it can be positioned on its back.


One of the factors that cause odors to form in the dishwasher is food that remains trapped in the seals. Periodic cleaning with a sponge will prevent this from occurring.



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Haier HDW9SS, HDW9WH Energy Saving Tips, How to Keep Your Dishwasher in Shape, After Every Wash, Remove the Plug, Seals