Hamilton Beach 840124800 manual To Correct Problem, Troubleshooting

Models: 840124800

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Most questions you may have about your new coffeemaker can be easily answered. This handy guide lists some common coffeemaker problems and tells you how to correct them. If you need further assistance, please call our toll-free customer assistance number listed on the front cover of this booklet and found on the back of the coffeemaker.


To Correct Problem



Doesn’t brew or

• Check to be sure power cord is firmly plugged into a

won’t heat.

live power outlet.


• The Automatic Shutoff feature turns the coffeemaker


off two hours after making the coffee. Turn coffeemaker


OFF then back to ON.


• For clock models, if power has been interrupted the


automatic brew time must be reset.



Filter Basket or

• Excessive amounts of ground coffee will clog the fil-

Pause ’N Serve

ter basket. One level tablespoon of ground coffee per


cup is recommended.


• Make sure coffee is not ground too finely. This will


clog the filter. Permanent filters are more likely to clog


than paper filters.


• Be sure to use a good quality cupcake or basket


style filter. The sides of the filter should be upright


against side of filter basket to avoid filter collapsing.


• When using Pause ’N Serve, hot water continues to


flow into the filter basket and may overflow if the


carafe is not returned to the Keep-Hot Plate within 20




• Make sure that carafe is fully seated on the Keep-Hot




• Filter basket must be securely closed.



Longer than

• Mineral deposits can build up in the pump of your

normal brew time.

coffeemaker. Periodic cleaning of the inside of your


coffeemaker is recommended. More frequent cleaning


may be necessary, depending upon the hardness of


your water. See “Cleaning instructions.”


• If using the removable reservoir, make sure it is firmly


seated in coffeemaker’s reservoir.




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Hamilton Beach 840124800 manual To Correct Problem, Troubleshooting