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TEST 1 5 10 MIN
Set ON-TIME switch to 1,
5, or 10 minutes.
Set the ON-TIME switch
on the bottom of the cover
plate to TEST.
... back on.
1 Second
OFF then...
Manual mode only works at
night because daylight returns
the sensor to AUTO.
Flip the light switch off for one
second then back on to toggle
between AUTO and MANUAL
Manual mode works only with
the ON-TIME switch in the 1,
5, or 10 position.
Note: When first turned on wait about 1 1/2
minutes for the circuitry to calibrate.
TEST 1 5 10 MIN
* resets to Auto Mode at dawn.



Motion Sensing

Coach Lights

Before installation, record the model number
from back of fixture below. Attach receipt in
case of possible warranty issues.
Mode: On-Time Works: Day Night
Test 5 Seconds x x
Auto 1, 5, or 10 Min x
Manual To Dawn* x
Items Models
008812 PF-4150-SC
066300 PF-4150-PB
066494 PF-4150-BK
066565 PF-4160-AB
066579 PF-4162-PB
066580 PF-4170-PB
Questions or problems? Before returning
to your retailer, refer to the troubleshooting
guide in this manual or call our technical ser-
vice department at 1-800-858-8501 (English
speaking only), 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, CST,
Monday – Friday.


• Light comes on when motion is detected.
• Automatically turns light off.
• Photocell keeps the light off during daylight

Package Contents

• Lantern
• Easy to use Universal Mounting Bracket
• Mounting Hardware
• Wire Connectors
• Some Models Include an Optional Decora-
tive Tail Assembly


• The light control requires 120 volts AC.
• If you want to use Manual Mode, the control
must be wired through a switch.
Some electrical codes require installa-
tion by a qualified electrician.