Hotpoint RA720 Installation Instructions INSTALL THE RANGE, Anti-Tipdevice Installation, cont

Models: RA720 RA724

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Installation Instructions
Anti-Tip device
Wood screw
Back of range

Installation Instructions




Range must be secured with an approved Anti-Tip device.

Unless properly installed, the range could be tipped by you or a child standing, sitting or leaning on an open door.

After installing the Anti-Tip device, verify that it is in place by carefully attempting to tilt the range forward.

This range has been designed to meet all recognized industry tip standards for all normal conditions.

After installing the Anti-Tip device, verify that it is in place by carefully attempting to tilt the range forward.

The use of this device does not preclude tipping of the range when not properly installed.

AMark the wall where the RIGHT EDGE of the range is to be located. Be sure to allow for the countertop overhang if you intend to install the range next to cabinets.



Install the sleeve anchor into the drilled hole and then install the lag bolt through the device. The bolts must be properly tightened as recommended for the hardware.

ESlide the range against the wall, and check for proper installation by grasping the front edge of the cooktop and carefully attempting to tilt the range forward.


For proper cooking and baking, the range must be leveled. Leveling legs are located on each corner at the base of the range.

AInstall the oven shelves

(see Using the oven section for instructions). Put a spirit level or a glass measuring cup partially filled with water on one of the oven shelves.


Locate the outside edge of the device 218toward the center of the range from the marked edge of the range.

Slotted (cont.) head 10LEVEL THE RANGE screw 11 FINAL INSTALLATION CHECKLISTManual backgroundManual backgroundManual backgroundManual background

Approx. 20°

2 18

Anti-Tip device Manual background


Marked edge of range

BTurn the legs clockwise to raise the range and

counterclockwise to lower the range. Adjust the leveling legs until the range is level.


CUsing the device as a template, mark the position of the hole for the screw.

DFor wood construction, drill a pilot hole at an angle of 20 degrees from the horizontal. A nail or awl may be used if a drill is not available.

Mount the Anti-Tip device with the screw provided.

For cement or concrete construction, you will need a 1/4x 112Manual background

lag bolt and a 1/2O.D. sleeve anchor, which are not provided. Drill the recommended

size hole for the hardware.


Check to make sure the circuit breaker is closed

(RESET) or the circuit fuses are replaced.

Be sure power is in service to the building.

Check to be sure that all packing materials

and tape have been removed. This will

include tape on metal panel under control

knobs (if applicable), adhesive tape, wire

ties, cardboard and protective plastic. Failure

to remove these materials could result in

damage to the appliance once the appliance

has been turned on and surfaces have heated.

Check to make sure that the Anti-Tip device

is securely installed.

Be sure all range controls are in the OFF

position before leaving the range.

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Hotpoint RA720, RA724 Installation Instructions INSTALL THE RANGE, Anti-Tipdevice Installation, 10LEVEL THE RANGE, cont