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Using the oven for broiling.

Using the oven for broiling.

Broiling may be slightly different from any previous broiling you may be acquainted with, so be sure to read this section completely.

Safety Instructions

How to Set Your Oven for Broiling

Broiling is cooking food by intense radiant heat from the upper element in the oven. Most fish and tender cuts of meat can be broiled. Follow these steps to keep spattering and smoking to a minimum.

If the meat has fat or gristle around the edge, cut vertical slashes through both about 2″ apart. If desired, fat may be trimmed, leaving a layer about 1/8″ thick.

Place the meat on the broiler grid in the broiler pan which comes with your range. Always use the grid so the fat drips into the broiler pan; otherwise the juices may become hot enough to catch fire.

Place the shelf in position C for most broiling.

Close the door. Always broil with the door closed.

Turn the OVEN TEMP knob clockwise to BROIL. You will feel a slight niche at the broil position.

Turn food only once during cooking.

Turn the OVEN TEMP knob to OFF. Serve food immediately, and leave the pan outside the oven to cool during the meal for easiest cleaning.

Operating Instructions Care and

Broiling Guide

If desired, marinate meats or chicken before broiling, or brush with barbecue sauce the last 5 to 10 minutes only.

Frozen steaks can be broiled by positioning the oven shelf at the next lowest shelf position and increasing cooking time given in this guide 112 times per side.

When arranging food on pan, do not let fatty edges hang over sides because the dripping fat will soil the oven.

If your range is connected to 208 volts, rare steaks may be broiled by preheating the broiler and positioning the oven shelf one position higher.

Cleaning Installation Instructions


Amount or


Time In Minutes






First Side

Second Side










1/2 lb.


312 min.

312 min.

Arrange in single layer.


(about 8 thin slices)






Ground Beef

1 lb. (4 patties)


10 min.

7 min.

Space evenly.


1/2 to 3/4thick






Beef Steaks





Steaks less than 1



9 min.

9 min.


1 to 112 lbs.




thick cook through






before browning. Pan






frying is recommended.






Slash fat.



1 whole


35 min.

15 min.

Reduce time about 5


2 to 212 lbs.,




to 10 minutes per side


split lengthwise




for cut-up chicken.






Brush each side with






melted butter. Broil






skin-side-down first.



1 lb. fillets


5 min.

5 min.

Handle and turn very


1/4 to 1/2thick




carefully. Brush with






lemon butter before






and during cooking,






if desired. Preheat






broiler to increase













Troubleshooting Tips Consumer Support

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