Set Language

Depending on model, this DPF may include multiple languages for the user interface display.

1.On the HOME screen, press to display the Setup Menu.

2.Select Set Language, and then select the desired language.

Reset to Factory Defaults

If you have changed function settings, using this feature will restore all settings to the factory pre-set defaults.

1.On the HOME screen, press to display the Setup Menu.

2.Select Reset to Factory Defaults, and then select Yes to reset, or No to leave current settings.

3.Press to return to the HOME screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set up my DPF?

A:It is very simple to get your Digital Photo Frame setup. Just plug the power adapter into the DPF and into a standard wall outlet, and then power it on. A slideshow will begin displaying the images pre-loaded in the internal memory. To view your own photos, insert a memory card into the card slot on the side of the DPF. Select Start Slideshow from the memory card option screen.

Q: What memory cards can the Digital Photo Frame Read?

A:Compatible memory cards include: Secure Digital™ (SD), MultiMedia Card™(MMC), xD Card, Memory Stick™(MS), MemoryStick Pro™, and Memory Stick Pro Duo™.

Q: I set up the Digital Photo Frame; why won’t it turn on?

A:The power adapter may not be securely connected to the DPF or the power switch may not be in the ON position.

Q: I have a memory card in the DPF; why can’t I view my photos?

A:A) Be sure that the memory card is one of the formats listed above and that the files on the card are JPEG images files. Some digital cameras save images in other formats. Refer to your camera’s user guide if your photos are not JPEG files.

B)Make sure the memory card is inserted all the way into the card slot.

C)On the HOME screen, press , choose Select Media Source, select the desired media source, and then press

. Press to return to the HOME screen and then select the PHOTOS-PLAYbutton. The slideshow should begin displaying your photos.

Q: Why is the photo display slower with some photos than others?

A:Higher resolution photos load more slowly. Try using lower resolution photos or down scaling your images. Refer to your camera’s operating user guide for details on down scaling your photos.

Q:Can I insert multiple memory cards?

A:No, there is only one memory card slot.

Q:Does the DPF have built-in (internal) memory?

A:Yes. The memory size varies by model.

Q: Does the DPF support all JPEG and Motion JPEG files?

A:No. The DPF only supports JPEG and Motion JPEG files taken from a digital camera. The DPF may not read all image files downloaded from the Internet or from other software graphic applications.