4.Your greeting will now display your personal photo as the background.

5.Select VIEW to view your greeting, and then press to return to the keyboard screen.

6.When satisfied with your greeting, select Done to save.


The PHOTOS feature includes many functions for optimizing and customizing your viewing preferences. You can view

your photos individually or as slideshows. Other optional functions allow you to display the current time with your images, display the photo file date/time, adjust the screen colors, choose slideshow transitions, and even schedule slideshows according to your weekly schedule.

Photo Thumbnails

1.On the HOME screen, select the PHOTOS-Managebutton.

2.Use to scroll through individual photos, or use the Page Up/Page Down arrows to scroll full pages.

3.To view an individual photo in full screen, press on the highlighted photo.

4.While the photo is displayed, you can use to view the next/previous photos.

View Individual Photo during a Slideshow

1.With the desired photo displayed, press to pause the slideshow.

2.The photo will be displayed approximately 60 seconds and then the slideshow will automatically resume, or you

can press or SLIDESHOW to resume the slideshow.

Zoom or Rotate Photos

You can temporarily magnify or rotate photos while viewing them in single photo view. The rotation of a photo will be saved only for photos in the internal memory.

Zoom or Rotate a photo during a slideshow

1.With the photo displayed that needs rotating, press ZOOM or ROTATE, multiple times if necessary, to achieve the desired view.

2.Press SLIDESHOW to resume the slideshow.

Zoom or Rotate a photo from the Photo Thumbnails screen

1.On the HOME screen, select the PHOTOS-Managebutton.

2.On the Photo Thumbnails screen, press to select the desired photo to be magnified or rotated, and then press ZOOM or ROTATE multiple times if necessary to achieve the desired view.

TIP: When a photo is zoomed, you can pan around the photo by using to view portions of the photo that are not currently visible.

Adjust Screen Colors

You can adjust the four LCD color levels for optimal image viewing.

1.On the HOME screen, press to display the Setup Menu.

2.Select Adjust Screen Colors.