Supporting large workgroup requirements
e-business is creating a growing
need for reliable, high-performance
output solutions. To be efcient and
competitive, large workgroups need
highly dependable printers with fast
output speeds that provide expansive
connectivity optio ns and exible
paper handling—such as ledger-size
paper support and hole-punching
capabilities—all with a low total cost
of printing.
The IBM Infoprint® 1145—the fastest
IBM workgroup printer—is ideal for
large workgroups that demand reli-
ability and support for a wide range
of applications. With advanced n-
ishing and connectivity capabilities
and wide-format paper handling, the
Infoprint 1145 provides exibility for
enhanced performance.
Achieving work group effecti veness with
exceptional per formance
The Infoprint 1145 offers up to 45
page-per-minute (ppm) output, and
its rst-page-o ut time—as fast as
four seconds— supports an efcient
workgroup environment, si gnicantly
reducing the time spent waiting for
jobs at the pri nter. The Infoprint
1145 provides 1200 do ts-per-inch
(dpi) resolution for crisp text and
superior graphi cs, and can handle
complex print j obs by providing
extended memory w ith an optional
hard-drive upgrade.
PCL 6 and PostScript® 3 emulation
are offered as standard features.
The optional IBM Intelligent Printer
Data Stream (IPDS) print capability
creates a cooperative print manage-
ment system by interpreting data from
applications and using it to identify
what data has printed, and what has
not—even if an interruption occurs—
for better error handling and recovery.

Delivering fast print speeds to support

workgroup efficiency

IBM Infoprint 1145
Features exceptional perform-
ance of up to 45 ppm to
enhance productivity
Provides printing flexibility with
advanced finishing capabilities
Offers multifunction printing
options for a scalable workgroup
laser printing solution
Provides expert onsite repair
from specially trained
Delivers industry-leading output
solutions for a competitive edge
Supports A3 and ledger-size
paper for large-format printing