Jonsered 2159 manual General Safety Precautions, Min. 3 m, 10 ft, ”Technical data” section

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Chain saws are designed solely for cutting wood. The only


cutting equipment that can be used with this chain saw are


the combinations of bars and chains recommended in the


”Technical data” section.


Never use a chain saw if



you are tired, if you have



drunk alcohol, or if you



are taking medication that



affects your vision, your



judgement or your co-









Always wear suitable safety clothing. See the section on


”Personal protective equipment” .


(Refuelling, fuel mixture, storage.)


The catalytic converter muffler gets very hot during and after use. This also applies during idling. Be aware of the fire hazard, especially when handling the saw near flammable substances or vapours.

Fuel and fuel vapour are highly inflammable. Take care when handling fuel and chain oil. Keep away from naked flames and do not breathe in fuel vapour.


Never use a chain saw that has been modified in any way


from its original specification.







Never use a chain saw





that is faulty. Carry out





the regular checks,





maintenance and service





routines described in this





manual. Some





maintenance and service





measures must be carried





out by trained specialists.





See the section on





”Maintenance” .


















• Never start a chain saw unless the bar, chain and all covers are fitted correctly. (See section on ”Assembly” ).

• Never start a chain saw indoors. Exhaust fumes can be dangerous.

• Before starting the saw make sure there are no people or animals nearby

Never try to refuel the saw while it is running.

Make sure there is plenty of ventilation when refuelling or mixing fuel (2-stroke mixture).

Move the saw at least 3 m from the refuelling point before starting it.

Never start the chain saw:

a)If you have spilt fuel or chain oil on the saw. Wipe off the spill and allow remaining fuel to evaporate.

b)If you spill fuel or chain oil on yourself or your clothes. Change your clothes.

c)If there is a fuel leak. Check regularly for leaks from the FUEL CAP and FUEL LINES.

Min. 3 m

(10 ft)

who might be put at risk.

The chain brake should be activated when starting (see

section on ”Starting”). Do not drop start. This method is very dangerous because you may lose control of the saw (see section on ”Starting”).

Place the saw on the ground and hold the rear

handle down with your right foot. Grasp the front handle firmly using your left hand.

Make sure the chain saw is steady and the chain is not touching the ground. Then grasp the starter handle with your right hand and pull the starter cord. Never wrap the starter cord around your hand.

Always store the chain saw and fuel away from any sources of sparks or naked flames, e.g. machines, electric motors, relays, switches, boilers, etc.

Always store fuel in an approved container designed for that purpose.

For longer periods of storage or for transport of the saw, the fuel and chain oil tanks should be emptied. Ask where you can dispose of waste fuel and chain oil at your local gasoline station.

8Never use any accessories other than those recommended in this manual. See the sections on ”Cutting equipment” and ”Technical data” .

The risk of accident is increased if you use the wrong cutting equipment or a chain that is not sharpened correctly. Using the wrong combi- nation of bar and chain can increase the risk of accidents!

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Page 18
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Jonsered 2159 manual General Safety Precautions, Min. 3 m, 10 ft, ”Technical data” section, ”Personal protective equipment”